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Plant Benefits 🌱

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I remember being in my 20's, I purchased a new sofa and needed some color to my living room space. I went to a local gardening store in the area to learn more about live plants. I was so impressed with the variety they offered and the knowledge behind the greens that grew on this earth. I never knew they offered so much oxygen, energy, and healing. I remember that feeling as if it was now! I felt at peace when I walked around and viewed each one. I admired the "The leaf fig plant" because it reminded me of the collard greens I cooked for my family at Christmas. I fell in love with the "Snake Plant" but it was out of my budget at the time! lol. I learned that each plant had its uniqueness and beauty behind every leaf and as I walked further down the isles I became more excited about purchasing my first live plant. It was so many to choose from such as "The Green Yucca Plant, "ZZ plant", "The Philodendron" and most of all the famous "Palm Plant" which I purchased that very day. I felt like I had just brought my first Louis Vuitton bag! I could not wait to get home and add such value to my living room area. Plants have so many benefits to improve your health and beautify your surroundings. Studies have proven that plants reduce stress levels, increase oxygen in the air, and absorb carbon dioxide. I have over ten plants in my home now and named each one after my ancestors who passed away. I encourage you to purchase a plant and start your journey of healthy living. Written by Shikoma M.

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