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Life is about living and being thankful for every moment, gift, and our happy customers! We wanted to give them a minute to be in the spotlight for all the support they give to Leafmade Co. 

Michelle M.

I purchased the Calm Room Spray and I use this product all the time when I'm on the road for work. I LOVE it. I use it just before bed and I must say it smells amazing. I feel like it helps to quiet my mind. Face it, we all deserve top-tier customer service and quality items. You will receive that and some when you purchase from Leafmade.

Bath Salts

Jahquila R.

I’m so glad I came across LeafMade Co. “Exhale” calming room spray smells exactly like the description. The “Serenity” calming room spray is my absolute favorite. The scent is so clean but sweet and a teensy bit floral. I hope to try the woken bath rituals next!


Flower Vase and Coral

Joy H.

If you’re looking for luxury room sprays, look no further! The scents are absolutely amazing. I would also recommend the bath salts and sage sticks if you’re trying to take your self-care rituals up a notch.



I purchased the calm room spray from Leafmade Co. I was amazed at the quality and elegance of the products. I am very pleased with my purchase and will definitely purchase again.

Melissa C.

Cosmetic Containers

The aromas gave me a relaxing & comforting feeling that I smell even when not in the room and the sprays have helped me to sleep better. Definitely quality products! Thanks for the vision!

— Tamiko C.

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