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Plant-Based Love

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

It started with being addicted to using my mother’s Vitamix for green smoothies full of celery, kale, romaine, lemons, apples, pears, and ginger. I began to see the world completely different than how I was used to seeing it. So much life surrounds us on this planet.

All of the beautiful and miraculous fruits and vegetables that grow here on this planet are here to heal us. My love for this planet for being nurturing blossomed and filled my heart. My skin started to get better but I was still eating small amounts of dairy and seafood at the time

It wasn’t until 2 years later that I decided to become plant-based. My Skin gradually started to really heal. I’m human so I’ve had my fair share of reverting back to dairy or seafood because those were the toughest to let go of. The only thing that truly helped was going out of my way to research animal agriculture and the effects on the planet and me.

70 billion animals are produced each year slaughtered and killed. 1/3 of grain production goes toward feeding livestock (even though people still die of starvation) and so does 16% of fresh water available (even though there are still places with no access to clean water).

14.5% of all the carbon dioxide that is emitted in the atmosphere is a by-product of animal agriculture. We collectively have so many problems that snowball into bigger problems. “More is better” is killing our planet but the choices we make and the understanding we have of the importance of awareness living in this day and age can help tremendously.

If love was a plant it would be the biggest and strongest tree that ever grew. It would reap the fruit of awareness, compassion, the realization of cause and effect, and positive choice. I’m not saying that people SHOULD adopt this lifestyle overnight-because it would be impossible. It’s all about taking that first step and sticking with it. It’s all about plant-based love.

Written by Jessie Marion

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