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Appetite for Success

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

When our bodies go without food or water, there is a certain part of our brain called the “hypothalamus” that tells the brain it is time to eat and hydrate ourselves. It's our body’s natural ability to remind us that we need food. In fact, our brain and body are working as a team to keep each other functioning. I want you to take care of your appetite for success like your body would if it were hungry. In life, we do not view success, happiness, and wealth as a necessity but in reality, it should be treated the same. If more people took their careers, life, and money as seriously as our brains did when our bodies needed to eat, there would never be an epidemic of poverty! Learn to feed your appetite for success and happiness as you would feed your body when it tells you that it's hungry. Written by Shikoma M.

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