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The Black Lava Charcoal Detox will release any impurities, toxins, increase blood flow circulation and help skin irritation from insect bits, rashes, also helps to fight against any acne causing bacteria in the pores.

What is it? Our Black Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt (Black Lava salt) is simply natural salts which are solar-evaporated, blended with activated charcoal powder, which is derived from Hawaiian coconut shells.

The Black Lava Salt, combined with Activated Charcoal, and a "Sage Smudging Stick" burning is a bath ritual to fall deep in love with, while elevating your self-care lifestyle, and healing from within! (Free Sage Smudging Stick with Purchase)

Healing Detox Bath: Fill bathtub halfway with warm water, add 1 cup of "The Black Lava Detox" soak for 30 minutes.

Tips: Light your white sage stick and speak positive affirmations into your world!

The Black Lava Detox (16 oz)

  • 16oz (Glass Jar)

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