"Woken" bath rituals will allow your mind, body, and spirit to travel to a resort without leaving your home, enjoy the smell of the natural dead sea and drift away to a peaceful place. Our bath rituals (Salts) are high in quality and sourced directly from the southern dead sea and Himalayas.  Enjoy the benefits.

Woken Bath Rituals

  • Green Clay Powder has magical powers and has been known to help heal acne, exfoliate dead skin cells, remove toxins from your pores and relax aching muscles and soften your skin!

    Ingredients Includes:

    • montmorillonite
    • dolomite
    • magnesium
    • calcium
    • potassium
    • manganese
    • phosphorus
    • aluminum
    • silicon
    • zinc
    • cobalt
    • copper
    • selenium


    Himalayan Bath Salts has been known to help reduce stress levels, remove toxins from the epidermis (skin), lower blood pressure and balance ph levels in the body.



    Lemon Peels help close large pores in the skin which reduces bacteria from getting in and also offers an abundant amount of vitamin C. 



    Dead Sea Bath Salts has been known to helps to treat eczema by exfoliating the dead skin cells, gives your body the rehydration and restores minerals. 



    The complete package to help awaken your spirits one bath at a time!



    One study trusted source published in 2008 found that green clay can prohibit bacterial growth. This could help treat Buruli ulcers and other skin conditions. However, research specifically on green clay has not been FDA approved.


    Remember, you should always talk to a doctor or healthcare provider about your individual risks before using green clay powder + Himalyan Bath Salts + Dea Sea Bath Salts!





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