Our "Luxury Ritual Kits" will help remove negative energy from within your space, release any generational thought patterns, and enlighten your mood.
Sit and get in touch with your higher consciousness and release the old version of yourself and enhance a better you!
Light "Purpose Candle" and enjoy the luxury of scents Lemon Flower, delicate notes of lily, and the anti-aging green tea. 

Burn your "White Sage" stick.
Spray your post ritual spray "Serenity" with the scents of green bamboo, water lily, and amber. The smell of bamboo helps relax the mind, body, and spirit.
Water lily flower will help eliminate stress, anxiety and raises your vibrations, and the sweet smell of amber can be used to eliminate the strong sage smell. 

The essential oil amber kills mold and bacteria in the air and deodorizes your space. 

- Release toxic energy
- Kill bacteria 
- Connect with spirit guides
- Break generational curses
-Attract happiness and wealth

- Recyclable box included
Sit + Believe + Heal

Luxury Ritual Kits

$139.00 Regular Price
$119.00Sale Price
  • (3) White Sage Sticks 6 in, (1) Meditation Candle (Purpose) 11oz, (3) White Spiritual Feathers, (1) Serenity Calm Room Spray, Instructions